March 15, 2012

Dr. Terry Wahls & Dr. Amy Fasig - Achieving and Maintaining Health

The first rule of any warriors creed is self preservation.  And while many martial artists glamorize and fantasize about defending our loved ones against a gang of pillagers, the simple fact remains that our first line of self preservation is our health (sadly the first thing to often get overlooked and ignored by us as well).  Regular care and eating right are probably the two most important aspects of our self care.

Mucho thanks to Ross Training for this amazing clip of Dr. Terry Wahls, clinical professor at Iowa Carver College of Medicine.  That is a fancy way of saying she teaches internal medicine to residents, as well as conducts research, gets published, etc. etc.  Basically she is really, really smart and we should perhaps take 15 or so minutes to listen to her.

I will not spoil the movie so to speak, but in 2003 she was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and was soon in a recline wheelchair.

In the video she talks about how she overcame such a terrible disease by simply changing her diet.  Words of wisdom below.  Remember the difference between wisdom and intelligence (which Dr. Wahls has plenty of both)... wisdom comes with experience:

On a similarly different note, if you are looking for a solid physician in town I would highly encourage you checking in with Dr. Amy Fasig, a naturopathic doctor in the Queen Anne neighborhood.  A very knowledgeable, caring physician who brings the best of both eastern and western medicine while taking a look at the patient as a complete entity physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Doc Amy also takes a number of insurance companies so check her out today at Queen Anne Natural Medicine.


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