March 18, 2012

The Ground Never Misses: "Top BJJ Nerd Blog"

Readers of my blog should be following Dan Faggella and his site The Science of Skill for some time now as I have listed him on my blog roll because he brings a very unique perspective to BJJ.  So you can imagine my surprise when about 10 days ago I find an email in my inbox from Dan asking me if I would accept the honor of being named one of the top blog's for BJJ nerds!?

"Hell's yizzy!" replied I!

"Out of curiosity I found Jake’s site and was glad to learn that there are other BJJ nerds out there hammering away on the keyboard..." (To read the entire post click here!)

I like Dan's approach and writing style and I am completely honored and humbled he chose The Ground Never Misses as one of the top BJJ nerd sites!  Please support this blog and Dan's efforts by checking out "The Science of Skill"  on your daily travels through the blogosphere.


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