March 23, 2012

NWJJA Promotion Night - March 22, 2012

A huge congrats to all the well deserved promotions last night at the NWJJA.  This is the biggest (in terms of number of people) single promotion I have witnessed since joining the gym over 5 years ago.  It was also the biggest in terms of Brian's promotion of Denise Holcomb to black belt.  Denise is Brian's longest running student and one of his most dedicated and loyal without a doubt.  She embodies the true warrior spirit and is well deserving of her promotion!

Congrats to our newest brown belt as well Mike Leary who is running NWJJA kids program.

Big props to the new purples:
Denise Holcomb: NWJJA's first in house black belt!

  • Tom Clowers
  • Ray Luigi
  • Brian Edge
  • Mark Mestel
  • Nick (not sure what your last name is)
  • Bob Heineman
  • Scotty Stillwell
  • Kim "Short Round" Anderson
New blue belts include:
  • Chris Whitmore
  • Connor Foust
  • Brett Smith
  • Rick Munce
  • "Coach" Bo

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