March 15, 2012

Ryan Hall & Proof That BJJ is Quite Possibly the Best Martial Art for Self Defense

What!?!?!  No inverted triangle!?!?!?  Just kidding Ryan, just kidding.

Here is unquestionable proof that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the safest martial arts to use in a self defense scenario.  This is video of Ryan Hall, grappling phenom, BJJ black belt, and all around decent dude (I have met him twice, and he was very nice both times).  Chilling with his girl Jen and his homies after some hard ass training they are approached by an inebriated, quite probably mentally ill, young man.

Notice how calm Ryan stays throughout the video and how the situation was controlled without anyone getting injured or hurt.  Bravo to Mr. Hall, and yet another example of why I feel BJJ is THE martial art for ANYONE of ANY SIZE/AGE/WEIGHT/ETHNICITY should train it!

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