March 26, 2012

Stealth LAX - Ton's of Fun

Wanted to give a quick shout out to the Washington Stealth Pro Lacrosse team who put on a great schalacking to the Minnesota Swarm 20-13 last night in Everett, WA!  Many folks are unaware that we have a pro lacrosse team, but they are the 2011 champs and I must admit it was a blast.

Not a bad seed in the house fans of all ages will enjoy the fast paced game.  As you can see there is no lull in scoring, nor with hitting (keep in mind... it is LEGAL to smack opponents with your stick)!  This is box lacrosse which is a bit different then the standard field lacrosse you commonly see in collegiate and high school lacrosse.  Played with five players and a goalie, box lacrosse is much akin to hockey and is just as exciting and hard hitting.

Rooted in the native american tradition of playing over miles and miles of land the results of the match would often settle disputes and disagreements in lieu of war (imagine if our leaders could have the same attitude!?!?!?!).  Check out this video of Dog Brother Marc Denny working with a lacrosse stick:

Go check them out with the family for a fun, affordable (get the nose bleed seats, not a bad seat in the arena!), and you will supporting some local pro athletes!


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