March 1, 2012

University Chiropractic and Steph Gaspar

That's a neck cracking
face if I have ever seen one!
A big thanks goes out to Dr. Ray and Steph Gaspar over at University Chiropractic for getting me all fixed up before I take off this evening for Ohio.  I have had a lot of bodywork done in my day, and I have been blessed to find some AMAZING healers from various backgrounds.  No bullshit I put Steph up there in the top two spots of bodyworkers I have ever met!

If you guys are in the Seattle area and are banged up, injured, or have been in an accident you will not get better treatment from anyone in the area.  Dr. Ray and Steph not only make you feel better, but they actually facilitate you HEALING better!

Check them out:
8221 5th Ave Ste 1
Seattle, WA.



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