April 26, 2012

Gi Review - 2012 Origin Comp 550

Avid readers of "The Ground Never Misses" will remember summer of last year when I reviewed Origin's Genesis 550 kimono.  This was one of their limited prototypes with the intention of gaining feedback and improving the design and function for the 2012 release of the Comp 550.  I must say Pete and his crew have taken their task of searching for the perfect gi quite seriously.

The first important thing about Origin is that the owner/designer Pete Roberts is not only a businessman, but also a competitor at the highest level, most recently fighting his ass off at the World Pro Jiu Jitsu Cup! So the functionality and comfortability should be top notch, and the improvements made on the 2012 model illustrate that commitment to improvement.

Style & Design:
6'4" 204#'s This is a A-4
Origin excels at the contrasting color scheme using colors not often utilized in BJJ gi designs.  The new Comp 550's are offered in blue with orange highlights, white with orange highlights, or black with orange highlights.  Embroidered logo's emblazon the left shoulder and left calf, with 'Origin' in contrasting grey/orange on the right shoulder.  Orange ticker tape lines the inside of the cuff's and skirt.  Design wise I like it, but the fabric used is a little scratchy and irritating sometimes.  I love the orange color theme and think it really snaps!  The 2012 gi complies with all IBJJF regulations with no two-tone collar color's.

The kimono itself is a solid fit that allows maneuverability but contours the body decently.  Though I must admit I find a bit too much room under the arms with the new model.  Perhaps my older gi has simply shrunk up a bit and fits better, but the Comp 550 seems to have some added room in the lat's area.  The same quality double stitching adorns the sleeves and lapel along the pearl weave fabric.  The stitch lines and terminals are clean and locked.  Literally no loose threads with this gi manufactured in Pakistan.
A bit hard to see but notice
the design improvement
in the knee pad.
Lapels are identical

Design improvements include what I think will be the next big addition to all kimono's in the near future, and that is a triangular shaped reinforced knee pad that extends up to about mid thigh.  How many times have you rolled with that Judo cat who grabs your pants right above the knee's and rips the shit out of them simply trying to pass your guard!?  Being a heavyweight I can only assume Pete ran into many a dude with grips of steel and a general disregard for his gi budget, so he built this reinforced, double layered, and double stitched knee pad.  Brilliant idea Pete!

Another great improvement on the pant design is the drawstring "tunnel" system which feeds the cord (again, bonus!) through a ripstop "tunnel" that keeps the pants on your hips more securely, and seems to dampen the wear and tear on the stitching on the pants.  I have wore the hell out of this gi for the past 2.5 months and I must say it has stood up to some serious abuse!  Absolutely no sign of wear nor tear on any piece of the gi!

Another aspect setting Origin apart is the inclusion of a rash guard with each order.  This years version of the orange rash guard is honestly one of the most comfortable rashies I have ever put on my silky smooth skin!  Tight but warming keep in mind you are getting a bit of a bonus when you are purchasing an Origin kimono.

Overall Quality:
As you can see the "tunnel" system is a big
design improvement with the Comp 550
 Overall Origin has another home run!  The pearl weave A-4 weighs in at just over 4.5 pounds and will make your wallet about $190.00 lighter.  For a top tier gi the Origin Comp 550 is a solid design and fit, coupled with awesome customer service from Pete and his crew up in Maine.  Solid enough to hold up over months, quite possibly years of weekly dojo practice.  Or if you are of the competitor mindset this is a solid gi that will hold up and keep you cool all the way to the medal podium!

Make sure you bookmark  Origin's website where you can order a gi, check out some new designs they have come up with including competition minded backpacks (hope to review the OrangaHang in the near future), and follow the adventures of Pete via the BJJ Weekly newsletters!

Thanks to Pete for the sample gi for review, as well as DKB Images for the photo's!

Jake B.


  1. What a great review! Thank you for that. I have one of the original Origin gi's; and it is the best gi I've ever owned. Yet, you've managed to convince me to get one of the 2012 model's.

    On top of that, I am now a new fan of your blog. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Brian! I appreciate the encouragement!

  2. Thanks for the review. Do you, by chance, know how soft this is compared to a Fuji Summerweight? The Fuji's material is too stiff and sandpaper-like for me. Any problem with shrinkage?

  3. Jenn,
    Sorry for the late reply. Fuji are UBER soft usually. The Origin's are softer, but some of the softest are the Bamboo gis! $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!
    No shrkinkage hardly at all. Minimal at best.

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  5. Found this gi to be both comfortably cut, but scratchy until it's fully sweat in. Working on breaking the scratch somehow in the wash. Also, you failed to point out the ORIGIN logo embroidered on the rear of the calf; unfortunately, this is not above the 15cm mark and is thus illegal for IBJJF competition. I had to manually disembroider after learning this at the Pans this year.