April 1, 2012

Gratitude At the 2012 Pan Am's

A true warrior; Barry Reid!
That is the new 1914 Pearl Weave i'm rocking!
Hey all, I just wanted to drop a quick note and say "hi" from chilly Huntington Beach, CA.  Came down with some of the crew for the 2012 BJJ Pan Am's, officially the largest grappling tournament in the world at over 3250 participants... needless to say it was AWESOME!

I will offer a more in depth review when I get home, but for the moment I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to a few people who have made my life a dream come true, and I feel I do not thank them enough:

  • Blake Kerr and 1914 Gi's for their sponsorship and support.  Though I have yet to bring one home, you guys make me feel like a champion!
  • "Doc" and his beautiful family for their hospitality and warmth.
  • My teacher Tim Cartmell for his lessons on and off the mat, and always a place to crash.  
  • His wife Amber for her killer cooking!
  • My brothers and sister who came along to their first major tournament and repped their teacher and art like true warriors: Scotty / Randy / Stache / Short Round.  You guys did what most will never have the balls to even think of attempting.  You stepped on the mat at the biggest BJJ event in the WORLD and fought your asses off!  Mad respect to all of you.  It is truly an honor!
  • My coach and friend Brian Johnson.  Do not ever let anyone question your heart nor passion for teaching and sharing the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I have begun to believe finding you and the dojo was the sole reason for me moving to Seattle.  I look forward to many more years sharing the mat!  
  • Mandy and Brett for coming out JUST after moving to support their team mates.  A true show of respect, and what it means to SUPPORT your team!
  • My sole opponent Barry Reid for a hard learned lesson to work my takedown's as well as their defense.  It was a honor fighting you sir!  I look forward to our next tournament together.  
  • Last but certainly not least my wife.  Without your support and caring, none of this is possible.  Thank you!
I am beat!  Hitting the sack.  
Thank you all for making my simple dreams come true!

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