April 24, 2012

"Insights of a Gentle Warrior" - by Mike Martello

I am UBER late in posting this info, and for that I do apologize.  About a month or more ago I got a random email that I thought for sure was spam by the format of it, but it mentioned my good friend and teacher Mike Martello and something about a book.  As most of you know Mike moved on a couple years back, so I replied curtly to the email stating if this was a joke, or spam, I did not find the humor in it.  Thankfully I was wrong and author Yves Verbeeck responded:

"A month before Michael Martello Laoshi suddenly died of  a congenital heart  disease (Wolff Parkinson White syndrome) he gave me a CD. It was a treasure of information with hours of audio recordings and hundreds of pictures.
For one year I listened to these deep, very valuable insights.
It was quite a  challenge to type these random texts and create a coherent whole. Due to the enormous support of Lucia it became an easily readable book. I deeply appreciate that Rosa Mei took care of  the Chinese terminology and made sure everything was in line with the tradition
Now, almost 3 years later, the book is finished. It is a tribute to a great Master. ‘Insights of a gentle warrior’ is a book of 205 pages with deep insights of the common characteristics  of all the martial arts Michael Martello Laoshi embodied.

To state it in his words:
I hope all can enjoy objectively."

Miss you Mike!  
I have not had time to read from cover to cover, so this is simply an announcement (review will come later).  At first glance this is an amazing collection of Mike's notes and thoughts!  Just prior to his passing Mike and I were conversing about doing some writing projects together and he shared many of these notes and others with me to ask my thoughts.  I told him I would do whatever was needed to help him disseminate not only his knowledge, but his philosophy and way of life as well.  This text is a HUGE jumping off point for just that goal!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Yves Verbeeck for his hard work and effort in this project!  

To order please click here and follow the link!  

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