April 9, 2012

Jake Burroughs vs. Red Schafer - ADCC Pro Division March 4, 2012

Red Schafer, 7x UFC vet
ADCC Heavyweight Pro Winner
When I visited Columbus, OH. early last month I was fortunate to time my visit to coincide with the Arnold Grappling Championship, which was also hosting the first qualifier for the ADCC North American Tournament.  Being game I said what the hell and dove into the pro division head first (after all.... you don't win a free entry in any other division!).  In just over 5 1/2 years of training this would be my first foray into a pro tournament where any submission is game (no striking), and just my luck I would draw UFC vet Eric "Red" Schafer for my first fight.  A black belt under Pedro Sauer he has been training in BJJ at least 12 years and probably had about 10 pounds on me the day of the fight.

I had been given a heads up that he favors a underhook leg trip takedown and sure enough he went for it.  Instinct told me to jump guard.  I NEVER jump guard, and about 2 seconds into me jumping this fact becomes painfully evident as I scramble to gain a grip and really I had no plan (lesson one).  I was hoping my weight would bring him down so I could work my guard, but he was way strong and had been there before.

His pressure was decent and though the ref is ready to call the match the fist choke he tried was not threatening though I could not move much.  I manage to regain 1/2 guard but he actually attacks me with my move the kimura.

I was happy as a kid to be fighting in the pro division, and I was overall happy with the match all things considered.  He had way more experience and skill then I did, coupled with the fact I had fought twice the day before and was running on very little sleep I think all in all it was a solid experience.  Next ADCC I will be better prepared and have the confidence to know I belong there.

A big thanks to sponsor 1914 Kimono's (sorry no rashguard for the pics guys) without whom none of this would be possible!

Though this is a poor example I certainly feel training in the gi helped me prepare better for ADCC rules and tournament strategy.  Take a second and vote on our poll to your right ------------> and let us know your opinion!


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