April 24, 2012

Poll Results Are In... Roids Are Out!

In our largest (participatory wise) poll yet we witnessed a rather one sided victory kind of like this Judo toss (is that actually a throw in Judo's arsenal??):

With 23 people voting, only 13% of you said steroids should be allowed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition.  20 of you said "nay" to the idea of PED's being allowed.

I think the overwhelming majority of people do not wish to see roids become common place in our sport and art of BJJ, though I would love to hear from the 3 of you who mentioned it should be allowed.  Perhaps I am not seeing a perspective.  But I think overall they are not a wanted part of our sport.

Now the question remains as to how to control their use?  Testing is SUPER expensive and not reasonable for amateur athletes.  Leaving it on good merit has never, nor ever, worked.  For the most part we have to self regulate.  If you know someone who is using, confront them.  Let them know what you think, let them know you care about their longevity in this sport and about them as a person.  Bring it to the attention of your coach, as ultimately it is his/her decision to allow such things in his gym.  Conversely if your coach is the one roiding up and providing an atmosphere where it is not only allowed but encouraged... perhaps it is time to do some soul searching as to what you are looking to get out of a gym and training environment.  Keep in mind your own safety and well being as well.  I have trained with some roiders before... they rely on their strength all too much often causing injuries to training partners or themselves when they try to power out of positions or submissions.  Also I have seen the "rage" elements creep in to training as well.  Like they are not even present in the room, almost like the 1000 yard stare.  Not healthy for them, not healthy for me!

I appreciate your input on the poll!  Look for another one in the coming days.



  1. as far as the judo throw goes it's Utsuri Goshi. You don't see it a whole lot & I have never seen it done with that kind of set up. As far as cost of testing goes it only has to be done at Internationale events to have a cultural effect at local events. Just as it's done in most Olympic events.