April 29, 2012

United Grappling Federation Oregon State Grappling Championships

The UGF has opened registration for their July 28th, 2012 Oregon State Grappling Championships in Portland, OR.  Register by July 9th with code "UGFOR" and save $15.  This event will have both gi and no gi events and they seem to be running smoothly from what I hear online.

For registration, or to get more info please click here!

Keep checking their website and FB page for updates on the tentative August 11th Washington State Championships!


  1. Who's going wrist hunting with me???

  2. Hello, I ran into your blog by accident & have had a great time reading. I think this tournament is sure sending an unhealthy message on weight. To take such a hard line on adults coming in on their registered weight is bad, but to tell kids & there parents that if the child misses weight that they will be disqualified with no refund is just lame. If they can't handle the logistics of people having to fight up last second they have no business trying to run a tournament.It's just irresponsible to expect kids with ever changing bodies to hit a weigh in or don't play.