May 3, 2012

Anheuser-Busch and How One Defines Derogatory

As I seek sponsorship for competing in BJJ I start to see things a bit differently both in terms of helping out those in need, as well as starting to see things in a more business like manner.  I try to be honest and as forthcoming as possible about both my strengths and flaws, and though we all fall victim to hypocrisy from time to time I try my damnedest to avoid hypocritical speech and action.

So when I saw this post from regarding Anheuser-Busch (AB) warning the UFC about fighters comments:

"We've communicated to the UFC our displeasure with certain remarks made by some of its fighters, and they have promised to address this. If the incidents continue, we will act," the brewer said in a statement.

Which later states that AB: "embraces diversity and does not condone insensitive and derogatory comments rooted in ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc."

So far so good, I could not agree more in terms of fighters acting professionally  and appropriately  at all times.  But here is where I am a little fuzzy as to what AB considers "derogatory" in terms of sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.  Check out this commercial that has something to do with Bud Light Lime.... I guess:

Now don't get me wrong, the inner pig in me has accepted our societies sexual twist on everything in advertising, it has been proven time and again that sex sells.  I harbor no ill will towards any company that wants to use sexually oriented ads to attract folks to their product.  Where I do take issue is when said companies start to wave their righteous fingers around proclaiming what is and is not derogatory!  

I guess it all boils down to ones own personal judgement and outlook on what they consider derogatory, and if they wish to support a company based on, often times perceived, morals.  I personally wish AB would just own that they are pigs and tell everyone, equally, to bugger off!  Probably generate more sales anyways.  The truly sad underlying story that no one is discussing is just how bad American taste is when we annually consume tons and tons of terrible tasting beer, that apparently we have become too lazy to even cut our own limes to flavor it with!!!!  


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