May 14, 2012

Choking Now a Felony

Recent reports state that 29 states plus are trying to push legislation that would make choking a felony offense (prior to this such attacks were usually classified as misdemeanor's and/or harassment).  The recent change in law has netted 2000 new arrests in NYC alone.
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Overall I think this is great.  We need to eliminate domestic abuse across the board, and though I have little faith in our judicial system, I am left to wonder where this leaves someone in a self defense scenario that utilizes a choke?

Using a choke to cut off the blood supply or air supply, resulting in the choked individual losing consciousness, is arguably the safest and most effective technique that can be utilized in a self defense situation.  They can be used by smaller, weaker individuals to protect themselves.  And if released immediately the receiver rarely suffers more then a sore neck and headache!

We must tread lightly how we lay down our laws, for the very legislature set forth to protect can very well turn around and bite the hand that created it!  Food for thought;)


  1. Why do you say you have little faith in the judicial system? I don’t get why people say that. If you don’t like it, compare the US system to those found anywhere else in the world. Your constitutional rights in the US make you freer than anywhere else on the planet, and the courts support that. In some countries you can get jailed just for criticizing the government. If you don’t like the system here, what are you doing to make it better?

  2. I think you may want to rethink your position on chokes are safe. It's a simple way to make a street brawl into someone getting killed. In this state there has been a few I can think of. One was a clerk in olympia trying to stop a shoplifter. Slapped the guy in a naked choke & in the scuffle broke the guys neck. you should never go after any ones neck off the mat unless you are intending to use it as deadly force. I just wonder how many had to get killed like that shoplifter for law makers to see chokes as more then simple assault