May 18, 2012

Coffee and Combat Athletes

For years it has been rumored that coffee will dehydrate you and that most serious athletes should avoid drinking it.  This is rather concerning news for an individual who lives, teaches, and trains the martial arts in the Puget Sound area which is arguably the coffee capital of the world! So when Mark over at Marks Daily Apple did some research and wrote up a piece on the subject I wanted to make sure I shared his findings.

Dear Mark: "Should I consume coffee before my workout? (click here to view the entire post!)

As you see Mark can get rather verbose, but as I sit here sipping my AMAZING Ethiopian (tastes like ripe blueberries!!!) select from Seattle's top roaster, Fonte (quick shout out to #2 in town Neptune Roasters in Greenwood), I wonder how much if any effect coffee has on my performance.  I do not get overly stimulated by caffeine, so I drink coffee mostly because I love the flavor of it.  I can drink prior to class and have no ill effects.  Never have I overheated from drinking coffee.

Honestly the only negative I can think of when it comes to coffee is coffee-breath!  That shit is nasty!!  But I try to be quite conscientious of my breath 24-7 and always have breath strips handy.

So rest easy my Seattle based combat athletes, coffee is not only a go, it just might be good for you.  I implore you to actually support good, solid, local, non-conglomerate coffee roasters and avoid the Walmart of coffee, Starbucks.  Seriously... if you think they roast a mean coffee (and when I say coffee, I mean coffee!  Not this sugar laden, milk infused, sprinkled, fluffed bullshit some try to pass off for coffee.  I mean REAL COFFEE!!), but if you think Starbucks makes a decent cup o' joe.  Please go downtown, or online, and get some from Fonte.  You will not be disappointed!



  1. Great post! In my school coffee is considered liquid kamagong and is REQUIRED for the serious study of Filipino Martial Arts!