May 28, 2012

Give Thanks - Memorial Day 2012

I may not agree with a lot of the policies and choices this country's leaders make, but I am not ignorant enough to assume the freedom to think what I wish and openly say it on a public forum comes for free.  I want to thank all the veterans past, and present.  And may I wish we never have any in the future.

 But since I know reality will most likely play a different hand, I wanted to turn you onto a great non-prof called The Wounded Warrior Project.  They are offering a number of services to soldiers from physical therapy, to mentors for business, to ensuring soldiers get the psychological and emotional help they need too.  Great cause, check them out.

Lets not forget that we still have 1,666 men who have never made it back from SE Asia as well.  Unfortunately the odds of any of these individuals still being alive in prison camps is pretty much nill (to be honest I am not sure I would have wanted to live for 30+ years as a POW).  Help the National League of POW/MIA Families by visiting their website and offering a donation.

Help bring peace to families who never were able to say goodbye to their loved ones fighting for this country's various political agenda's.  One way or another take some time and reflect on your day off.

Happy Memorial Day,

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