May 7, 2012

Kyle Dake Headlines Awesome Wrestling Camp

Though from the latest poll results one would not think seminars are well attended since I only had 5 of you vote, but this wrestling camp looks killer!

Thanks to my bro JP for sharing this info on FB, as it seems the Tribe's Wrestling site is down.  For those of you living in So Cal, or for anyone really, you cannot afford to miss this amazing opportunity to train with some great grapplers including NCAA stud Kyle Dake!  

This camp will boost your grappling skills ten fold, guaranteed!  What I also find interesting to note is the inclusion of Judo and Sambo exhibitions at a western wrestling camp.  This is quite telling in that we are starting to see more and more cross "pollination," if you will, in terms of techniques from other systems of grappling oriented combat be included in western wrestling's repertoire.  I feel this is nothing but positive for all grappling systems regardless of origin, and for the most part we can thank MMA for single handedly making grappling main stream again! 

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  1. The tribe website is back up with a new site!!