May 1, 2012

Play Guard For Life.... Pass Guard or Death!

Shoyoroll's famous moniker "play guard for life" is quite fitting across many philosophical spectrum's, and as I progress in both life and BJJ I notice the parallels more and more daily.  Since white belt I have focused on my guard, ensuring myself I would not be one of "those" heavyweights that looks like a fish out of water on his back!  Fuck that; heavyweights will respect my guard because of the work I have put into it.

Conversely mi amigo's I have realized I need to work my passing game.  I get too frustrated and lose patience often resulting in sweeps, or at the very least better control/positioning for my partners.  So big thanks to Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine for posting this Sao Paulo Pass by Oli Geddes, Roger Gracie black belt.

Rigan Machado once said to us, "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is 80% about the closed guard.  Either working from it, or working to pass it."  Really.... what more does anyone need from one of the most technical grapplers on earth??!!?

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