June 29, 2012

ATTN: NWJJA & Three Harmonies Students

No class for NWJJA & Three Harmonies students on July 4th & 7th.  I will be opening the dojo at 10am on Wed. the 4th for an open mat class where we will get our roll on and get some training prior to the Revolution on Saturday the 7th.  I cannot "MAKE" you show up, but I really do not see any reason you should not be on the mat at 10am rolling if you are competing on Saturday!

On the competition note... those of you procrastinating need to keep in mind the registration deadline is Monday, so lets get signed up ASAP!  Click here to jump to the site. 

Also look for some exciting news and reviews this weekend with an advanced look at Rafael Lovato Jr.'s latest release "Ultimate Pressure Passing System"  and Origin's Technical Mundial Backpack!  As always check us out daily for the latest in greatest news, reviews, views, all slightly askew.



1 comment:

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