June 14, 2012

Dr. Stilwell's Laboratory

Our good friend and colleague Dr. Scot Stilwell (ok, ok...he's not a doctor..... but he will take a look at it!) has starting a morning training session at NW Jiu Jitsu Academy.  Running at 11am on Tuesday and Thursday each week, Scotty is drilling and teaching new positions and techniques.  This week he is going over positions he got stuck in and burned on in this past weekends Subleague tourney.  Oh... by the way did I mention Scotty cleaned house taking gold in his weight and bronze in absolute???

His skill on the mat is only overshadowed by his awesome matitude and outlook!  Check out class guys, a lot of you need to make more training!  Day classes five days a week now!  No excuses!  And vote on my poll NOW... you only have 2 more hours!-------->

Scot on the right, with two of BJJ's most awesome



  1. "matitude" lol i love that. Hope the morning classes go well. I envy the opportunity to get some early sessions in. sadly work is holding me back.

  2. Pulled that one out randomly, but seemed fitting! Glad you like it! Work really impedes the growth of BJJ in my experience;)!