June 30, 2012

Gear Review: Origin Mundial Technical Backpack

Tired of cramming your stinky ass, soaking wet kimono in the bottom of your 10 year olds worn out Spider Man backpack?  Frustrated with digging for your camera at the bottom of a single compartment gear bag seconds before a match is starting?  Well my mat amigo's Origin BJJ has a perfect solution made specifically for those of us who train, compete, eat, sleep, and breathe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; the Mundial Technical Backpack!

Because your spider monkey self will be surfing the jet streams of the IBJJF in style making traveling to compete uber simple and convenient.  Thats why!
The MTB fits easily into carry-on bins on planes, but is sturdy enough to endure luggage handlers punting it onto your plane if you choose to pay them for such a service.  Basic in design (sorry Brock... no daggers through the ear holes of skulls here) the black 100% nylon bag pops with the neon green highlights which help define the nine various compartments (not including the bonus dirty laundry bag, which is a brilliant idea Pete!).

Padded shoulder straps accompany a "H" harness that makes carrying heavy loads actually quite comfortable.  Though anyone could use this (I would pause before using it on a HEAVY hiking trip) the design is most cleverly manufactured specifically for us grapplers.

Room for i-phones, i-pads, water bottles, camcorders, rolled up kimono belts, along with compartments that will keep wet from dry clothes are what make this a well thought out design for grapplers, by grapplers.  Having separate compartments for phones, ID, and camcorder's is not something most folk would think about.  But when you are scrambling to a mat at the worlds you need quick access, yet safe storage, of your ID, phones, and camera gear.

The website boasts up to three gis will fit in the MTB... and I suppose that is true.... if you wear an A-1.  I can comfortably fit two of my Origin A-4's in along with room for rashie, underwear, towel and odds and ends for my stand up class.  Those looking for a deep bag to put their  boxing / kickboxing equipment in will not be disappointed, as there is plenty of room for gloves, shin pads, and assorted gear.

Loading the weight of double gold evenly across your shoulders will make sure you are using your posture after a long day of winning at the Worlds!  Much more comfortable then the standard gym bag style that we have to sling over one shoulder, endlessly f@$%ing up our posture and aggravating injuries.

Designed by Pete Roberts for grapplers in all reality this backpack is one of the most comfortable, sturdiest bags I have owned period.  I know in the first production run their were a few hiccups but Pete was quick to fix them and ensure his customers were 100% satisfied, and I just heard that a new shipment is due in to the warehouse any minute now!  Quality and design do have a price as the Origin Mundial Technical Backpack comes in at a cool $88 per bag, and can be ordered by clicking here!  Once again Origin BJJ has set new standards in both quality and innovation for grappling oriented individuals.

Jake B.


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