June 9, 2012

NWJJA Taking Home the Gold!

A great weekend already at 4:20pm on Saturday...
Coach Brian Johnson of NWJJA fame secured first place in lightweight, and 2nd at absolute at the Grapplers Quest Tournament in Boise.  He said their was a solid turnout and all of his competitors were VERY tough, with him winning 4 matches total via points (one fighter was 280#'s!!), and securing the gold at his weight with one of those pesky triangles!  Great job B!

Not to be out done Scotty and Spyder were rumored to be lurking down at Sub League where Scotty took first in his weight, and then 3rd in absolute in the gi division, and Spyder took 3rd at his weight as well!

Great job all of you guys!  Very proud to train along side you and I am sorry I could not make it on these fights.  Hoping I will be back in action soon.

Before you exit, take a moment and vote in my poll to the right-----> (perfect timing with the question and Brian winning).  Few people know how competitive (and successful) our coach Brian Johnson is, but he continues to amass titles in both gi and no gi events!


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