June 13, 2012

Omoplata Compilation

Don't ask... I have no clue, but it is technically an omoplata!
Seriously... it is starting to look like I have a weird grapple-crush on the crew over at BishopBJJ, but they keep pumping out great video's such as this Money Jiu Jitsu: Omoplata in action! It showcases one of my favorite fighters Nino Schembri fighting none other then our very own David Meyer starting at the 30 second mark:

The omoplata is one of my favorite attacks and can be quite effective for cats with long lanky legs such as I!  Here is Schembri's highlight real on omoplata attacks:

And finally here is a clip of Demian Maia's take on the omoplata.  I can personally attest to the detail oriented approach Maia takes, as I trained with him once while visiting home a few years ago, and the guy taught very simple stuff, but the details were money!!

Lastly a little reminder of the David Meyer and John Will bonanza that is coming to a dojo near you (one can only hope to glean some of the details of the omoplata from John Will!!):

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