June 5, 2012

Speaking of Legends.... Jean Jacques Machado

When Jean Jacques Machado speaks.... I tend to shut up and listen; closely!  JJ has been putting a lot of great material out for decades, but as of late their are a number of videos and interviews popping up all over the web.  His attitude is always positive and upbeat, yet his approach and focus on the mat are quite serious.  For example check out this sweep to crucifix position:

Also here is a two part interview JJ recently did with Jits TV:

Here is a wonderfully made short film on JJ Machado's preperation for the 2012 Pan Am's:

Only bummer is Jean Jacques will be sadly absent from the Machado camp in October down in Dallas, TX.



  1. Awesome Post...

    I have a little collection of Machado History going on my blog