June 3, 2012

Strateg-ery at the Worlds

I love reading stories such as this one from Bloodyelbow which shares a report from the 2012 World BJJ Championships (Mundials) going on now in So Cal, where Lloyd Irvin protege' DJ Jackson was fighting Beneil Dariush in the brown belt middleweight final on Friday.  A back and forth battle ensued until in the waning seconds of the match DJ  scored two points for a guard pass bringing the score 4-2 in favor of DJ.

Just after the guard pass the large fan/fighter base in the stands representing Team Lloyd Irvin started a countdown from 10-9-8..... when the crowd hit 1, Beneil stopped fighting, stood up and started to tuck his gi in.  A tough lesson to learn but Beneil was not paying attention to the actual fight clock (when fighting you can see the scoreboard with the points and time left) which read 10 more seconds!  DJ took him down and attained side control securing the points victory on a baffled Beneil.

Now DJ was winning anyways, but anything can happen and you must be totally focused and prepared to fight to the end.  ALWAYS remember you fight until the REF tells you to stop, not the crowd.  Some online are dissing the "dirty" tactic by Team Lloyd Irvin.  Personally I think it is brilliant, the only criticism I have is TLI should have waited to use the strategy at a more pivotal time when one of their boys were down on points.  I see nothing "dirty" or "underhanded" about the ploy.  As a fighter it is solely your responsibility to be engaged in the fight and know what is going on.  Beneil will not make that mistake twice at brown belt level, I promise you.

Click here to see the whole story at Bloodyelbow.com.

And while we are on the subject, here is Rodolfo Viera vs. Buchecha in what some are calling the greatest BJJ fight ever at the worlds.  I think that might be a bit o' over kill, but a great match none the less!  Buchecha is the newest teacher at Ace JJ in Fountain Valley, CA. though from the looks of it he could use a lesson or two on manners and shaking hands:


  1. My favorite match of the 2011 Worlds was Telles/McPherson - which isn't as good as Buchecha/Vieira, but still a very, very fun match.


    Thanks for the mention and keep having fun.

    1. You are welcome Treefrog! Is that you DJ?

      Thanks for sharing... KILLER match!

    2. Actually, I'm Ben Thapa, the Bloody Elbow writer. Sorry for not making that more obvious.

      DJ is probably slightly ticked at me. I should get him an apology soon...

  2. Hi Ben! Nice to meet you (pseudo-ly).
    Apology for what? I thought it was a great piece.