August 7, 2012

Arm Bar Soap Company Batch Two

As the US cleans house in London, our friend Chad over at the Arm Bar Soap Co. has just released his second batch of top notch cleansing soap for those of us prone to grappling.  Regular visitors here at gravity central will recall the review we did a few months back, and the product has done nothing but get better.

I realize that some of these products may be a bit more pricey, and we are all pinching pennies in this economy.  But I come from a small town and was raised around farmers, and at the risk of sounding like I am running for office, I implore you to start paying attention to the local folks.  Sure you may pay a couple of bucks more for those eggs at the farmers market.  But the quality of protein coming from fresh laid eggs; the peace of mind knowing they were raised humanely on an open range; the warm fuzzy feeling it gave you shaking the hand of the farmer who harvested those eggs just a few hours prior!  These qualities are quickly disappearing from our daily lives.  Stop shopping at Wal Mart and start looking for local, mom and pop, start up companies to support.

People like Chad over at Arm Bar Soap Co.  When you order let him know you heard about him here at The Ground Never Misses!


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