August 20, 2012

Inside BJJ Podcast Episode #36 - Prof. Carlos Machado

In case you missed the live feed yesterday, here is a direct link to episode #36 of Inside BJJ's podcast where they interviewed Carlos Machado and asked a bevy of questions.  I love interviews like this because we get a glimpse into the world of BJJ before it was the worldwide phenomenon it has become.  Carlos was there in the beginning training with the best of the best.  Great interview with a great personality in BJJ!

Click here to listen to episode 36!

Tim, Ryan, and Ernest sit down with the legendary 8th Degree Black Belt Professor Carlos Machado to talk about Rolls Gracie, coming to the United States to teach Jiu-Jitsu, meeting Chuck Norris for the first time, BJJ in MMA, and the Five Brothers Training camp. Ernest asks Carlos rumors about Jar Jar Binks and why the Machado Brothers always make the scariest faces in pictures. 

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