August 15, 2012

Prof Carlos Machado on Inside BJJ Podcast

Tune in this Sunday, August 19th, at 1:30pm eastern / 10:30am PST for an exclusive interview with Prof. Carlos Machado on Inside BJJ Podcast.  You can also listen to a live stream by clicking this link just prior to the show on Sunday.   Or they will have the show up for replay later.

If you are not already a fan of Inside BJJ then you will become one.  Great interviews, honest in-depth opinions about current events within the sport of BJJ, coupled with all the latest news and happenings make Inside BJJ one of the most listened to, and respected pod casts out there.

Tune in Sunday to listen to 8th degree black belt (and one of the founding fathers of BJJ in America) Carlos Machado, as he shares stories from the past, offers opinion's about the current, and shares some exciting news about the Machado Camp coming up in October.

Click here to tune into the live stream Sunday 1:30pm EST!


A quick preview of what you can look forward to at the RCJ Machado Camp:

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