August 1, 2012

Thanks Coach!

I have been very blessed with amazing martial arts teachers in my life,  all of my life.  For many years I have lived thousands of miles away from my teachers making training a cherished rarity.  When I moved to Seattle just over six years ago I sought out the best instructor I could find in the grappling community.  Little did I know I would find a friend and mentor that has grown on me worse then a fuzzy fungus.

Brian and I do not always see eye to eye, and I think the respect we have for each other forces us to listen to the others opinions without judgement and (usually) minimal shit giving.  We are very much alike, and in many ways very much different.  Again this strengthens our bond and resolve.  But no matter he has been there as a friend and has helped me through some shit and he has never judged me.

My coach has shown me a path by walking it.  I walk in your footsteps as your student, I look up to you as I would my father, and I will fight alongside you any day as your friend.  The past six years have quite literally saved my life and for that I can never repay you.  I look forward to the rest of our lives spent rolling on the mat.  Always proud to call you my coach!

Thank you for all you have done!

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