September 27, 2012

Eddie Bravo on Jean Jacques Machado

Opinions vary about Eddie Bravo, mostly stemming from his advocacy of the use of marijuana, but having trained with Eddie on several occasions their are two things that cannot be argued about him:

1) Eddie ALWAYS gives props and credit where it is due!  His admiration for coach Jean Jacques Machado is unquestionable.

2) Eddie's eye and understanding of the game of BJJ is much underrated in my humble opinion! Many have touted Eddie's excellent commentary in early UFCs, but really his understanding of the grappling game is where he shines.

Both of these elements can be seen in the following clip from a recent seminar with Eddie.  Listen to what Eddie has to say about his coach Jean Jacques Machado and the development of the overhook - butterfly hook game.  He is spot on!  The Machado's have developed SO many aspects of the art we study each night, yet you rarely hear their name brought up.  Check this out:

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