September 7, 2012

Jean Jacques Machado vs Nelson Monteiro - Metamoris Jiu Jitsu Pro

As I mentioned the other day the Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational is set to be the most exciting event quite possibly ever in BJJ history!  20 minutes, no points, submission only.  I mean how much better does it get!?!?! 
While everyone is ranting and raving about all the young guns who will be showcasing their skills, I am stoked about our very own professor Jean Jacques Machado fighting Nelson Monteiro!  The level of skill and decades of experience promise to make this the match of the night.  Unfortunately the super fight between JJ and Ricardo De La Riva never panned out (due to the promoters, not the fighters), but this promises to be just as exciting.

Who exactly is Nelson Monteiro though?  A fifth degree under Carlos Gracie Jr. Monteiro was one of the pioneers of BJJ in America.  Receieving his black belt in 1989, Nelson moved to southern California the following year and started teaching out of his garage.  About 5 years later a man walked into Nelson's academy and it would alter the course of grappling as we know it. 

Sheik Tahoon Bin Zayed Al Nayan, a prince of the UAE came to the US to study and in the process fell in love with BJJ and wrestling in general.  This prompted the prince to present Nelson with an offer he could not refuse... come to UAE and be the prince's personal trainer and coach!  During the five years living in the UAE Monteiro helped the prince formulate the foundation for a little event known now days as the ADCC grappling championships, arguably the most prestigious grappling tournament in the world. 

Professor Monteiro has well over 25 years on the mat which in my opinion will make his fight with Jean Jacques epic!!!  Here is a little clip of Nelson fighting:

Rumor has it there will be a live stream of Metamoris, or head to sunny San Diego October 14th to watch live.  Either way you do not want to miss this event!  WAR Machado!!!!!!!!!

Train Hard.  Play Harder!

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