September 15, 2012

John Will Interview In Jiu Jitsu Style

You have heard me rant and rave about Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine before, and if you have yet to subscribe then I truly don't know what you are waiting for.  The latest issue should be motivator enough though, chock full of great articles including an exclusive interview with our very own coaches coach John Will!  Check out a couple of snippets I took of the excellent interview where Will offers insight into how he got started in BJJ, why he chose Rigan Machado as a coach, and his thoughts on a number of issues.
Renown for his teaching skills, check out what John has to say about the keys to a good seminar (which his are some of the best BTW):

 And few know that John Will is one of the infamous Dirty Dozen of BJJ (first 12 non-Brazilians to earn the rank of black belt).  Below is the most comprehensive list I have seen!

To read the entire interview log onto Jiu Jitsu Style and download the latest issue.  I stand fast by my statement that it is THE premier grappling magazine on the market!


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