September 25, 2012

Mark Mestel - Recipient of the WM O Douglas Award 2012

The camaraderie we build on the mat with our brothers and sisters when training is something that cannot easily be put into words.  Something about sharing blood, sweat, and tears that builds strong friendships, mmmmmm, scratch that... strong brother-ships if you will. 

I have been with Brian and the NWJJA for over 6 years now and one of the people that I stepped onto the mat with is Mark Mestel.  Not only is Mark an all around nice guy (I know... I was surprised to see this from a Michigan grad too!!), but he also is one of the most successful defense lawyers in the state.  And this past summer Mark was honored with arguably one of the most prestigious awards in law.

Sorry, pic does not do justice!
The WM O Douglas award is presented for extraordinary courage and dedication to the practice of criminal law, by the WA Assoc. of Criminal defense lawyers.  Pretty much means Mark is top pig in the pen, and one of the best in the nation.  Oh, and this is an award that is voted on and Mark received a rare unanimous vote!

I still remember the kind words you shared with me when you came and watched me fight a couple years back.  The encouragement and support you shared will never be forgotten.  I am honored to call you a friend and brother! 

Congrats Mark,

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