October 24, 2012

"Asian Martial Arts: Constructive Thoughts and Practical Applications

It is with a sad heart that I write this post as the Journal of Asian Martial Arts has been officially retired, and its final opus comes in the form of the book "Asian Martial Arts: Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications."  "Asian Martial Arts: Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications."
Edited by Michael DeMarco this text is chock full of co-authors including my friend Joy Chaudhuri, martial uncle Ilya Profatilov writing on Mantis, my past teacher Yang "Tony" Shu Ton offering his insight into Bajiquan a wonderful martial art I studied for many years.  I am grateful to be featured in the same book as my mentors and friends.  To present an article worthy of publication in this last representation of JAMA is a humbling honor!

 So when you get the chance check out my contribution to this great collaboration where I write a short piece on clinch fighting from the Chinese martial arts perspective (pg. 52-57).  As always I welcome feedback. 

Click here to order your copy of "Asian Martial Arts" today!

I want to thank Shadow for being a great partner and helping with the shoot.  Also you will notice I am sporting my 1914 Gi pants in the photo's.  Big shout out to the best gi's on the market!   

Big thanks to Mike DeMarco who has put his blood, sweat and tears into the JAMA throughout the years.  This is a sad day as the Journal was the premier martial publication.

Never goodbye.... see you again!

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