October 15, 2012

Defense Soap - Product Review

Guy Sako over at Defense Soap has busted out onto the grappling-hygiene market with a great new product called Super Shield.  Coupled with Defense soaps bar soap, and shower gel, Super Shield gives the competitive grappler (really any athlete) a triple attack on the funky munky's such as impetigo, ring worm, MRSA, etc.  All nasty little things that can keep you off the mat, and cause serious illness!

Bar soap was the first product they offered in the Defense line and it remains the backbone of the company.  A great lather along with a naturally clean scent has made Defense the go to bar soap for after training scrub downs!  100% natural with no perfumes, dyes, nor additives this soap will appeal not only to combat athletes but really anyone who is in contact with others or is wearing athletic gear!  Antimicrobial essential oils get right to work attacking the flora and fauna you DON'T want on your epidermis.

So far several have copied the brilliant idea of bar soap, but once again Defense leads the industry with their shower gel version of the Defense bar soap!  For those fighters who prefer a more manly loofah over the standard wash cloth, shower gel is the preferred method of application with such a shower tool.  Guy did a great job ensuring your skin does not dry out and get that "stretched" feeling often associated with all natural soaps, and again the gel lathers up quickly and easily.

Overall both the shower gel and bar soap seem to have long ass longevity as I have had them for a couple months and am just now running out!  And though their are way TOO many variables and factors, I have not had a single questionable skin issues since using any of Defenses' products, including their newest offering... Super Shield.

Imagine washing your gi's, rash guards, spats, underwear, and belt with a detergent that would protect your skin against MRSA, Impetigo, Herpes, etc.?  $25 gets you over 480 loads, and keep in mind one treatment lasts 30 days minimum!  Completely hypoallergenic, free of dyes and perfumes so folks with sensitive skin need not worry.  Stain protection, odor defense... this is the Roger Gracie of laundry detergents! 

Overall you cannot go wrong with Defense Soap, which should be required equipment just like a gi or mouth guard!  Guy and his crew are located in Lakewood, Ohio which is the heartland of good people and companies.  In this day and age of more and more of everything being made in Pakistan or Taiwan, Guy is keeping it on the home front so make sure you support your local companies!

Defense Bar Soap starts at $5.99 / bar, or you have a number of ordering options: Click here to order Defense Bar Soap!

Defense Shower Gel is available in a number of sizes ranging from $2.50 travel size, to one gallon for $69.99.  Whatever your need click here to order your Defense Shower Gel! 

And for your laundry treatment make sure to add Super Shield to your cart  by clicking here!

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