October 27, 2012

Machado Camp Day Two

Seriously I wanted to sit down and write out a more thorough overview of today's events, but I am absolutely beat guys!  What can I put into words anyways??  The biggest camp to date (we are just short of 100!!!!!!!!!!!!), is arguably the best camp as of yet, and we topped it off with an AMAZING meal at Fogo De Chao!  I have been talking to folks from all corners of North America (literally from California, Leon Mexico, British Columbia Canada, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, all over Texas, and the great state of Washington) and have yet to hear a single complaint.   

Rigan spent nearly 4 hours covering a number of open guard sweeps and some great movement drills to accompany the bevy of sweeps.  His control of a room and insight into technique holds me in awe every time I share the mat with Rigan!  For the past 6 years I have been blessed with getting on the mat to train under Rigan in some format or another, and his quick drilling method is genius. 

Black belt level drawing!
Rigan then transitioned to working some guard passing and again he coupled the passes and attacks along with drills that built upon one another all day long.  The strategic principle I took away from this session was simple yet profound: attack immediately after passing!  Of course settle into position but Rigan's overall point was to attack as your opponent is still focusing on the pass.  Great stuff!  

Carlos took a moment to promote a handful of grapplers (sorry guys I do not know the list of names) but as always there was an overwhelming feeling of family.  From Prof. Carlos making an effort to remember every one's name, to sharing a great Brazilian meal meeting our fellow Machado brethren, when someone trains with any of the brothers you cannot help but feel as if you have been part of the family for years.  It is one of the most appealing qualities that makes Machado students some of the most loyal there are. 

The afternoon session was a bit more laid back and zen like with Prof. Roger leading the group of 90+ through a simple warm up that foreshadowed the fundamental movements we were to be using the rest of the day.  Properly and intelligently pulling guard and working from the head to head position was the overall theme I would have to say.  Then as if we were not blown away enough, Roger taught a few of his own personal favorite attacks to the turtle, as well as two reversals to the reverse scarf hold half guard.  Great stuff!! 

Rest easy mi amigo's as tomorrow we spend the morning with the Wizard himself... Jean Jacques!  I want to thank my partner Rick "The Mauler" Monce and everyone involved with the camp.  The energy and good vibes created with so many like minded individuals who get together to share one common goal, to train and use BJJ as a vehicle to better our bodies, minds, and spirit, cannot be described in words!


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