October 14, 2012

Metamoris - Quick Results and ReCap

Today marked a monumental event in the history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with the first ever Metamoris Invitational taking place at Viejas Arena on the campus of San Diego State University in San Diego, CA.  Sticking to tradition the event was running on Brazilian time with about an hour late start time.  But as soon as the feed went live it was nothing but action! 

I was skeptical about the energy level that the fighters were going to bring to Metamoris, but every single fight proved me wrong.  Buchecha and Roger Gracie was probably the slowest paced fight and that was still an exciting match down to the end minute.  Great sportsmanship and humbleness (sole exception being Galvao!  Damn... I am tired of his bitching!) across the board and dare I say this was the single most exciting grappling event in some time, and that comes on a weekend where we saw the ADCC North American trials in the same city as Metamoris, as well as a jits fueled UFC card from Brazil last night! 

Caio Terra vs. Jeff Glover:
  What a way to start the night off, Terra-Glover II... and to be sure these guys did not disappoint, with Caio answering Glover's clowning in good style and then the two launched into a crazy open guard clinic where both athletes worked at a relentless pace, yet with a relaxed tempo, where stamina played the key role. 
  Glover played an interesting game putting himself in bad positions and even allowing Caio to pass his guard which proves deadly, with Terra gaining side control on the "Pipe Layer" and sealing the deal with a solid arm bar at the 13 minute mark. 
   I loved Glover's attitude of coming out and playing openly, but I think he should have been a bit tighter.  You cannot allow Caio Terra to gain the upper hand on you regardless of the rule set. 

Rafael Lovato Jr vs. Kayron Gracie:
   Gripping up right away we see RLJ attempting his signature kouchi gari on Kayron to no avail, encouraging Kayron to pull guard, where a few seconds later he nails the sweep!  This was a fast paced back and forth jitsfest, which saw several positional changes where we saw RLJ working his infamous pressure passing game, which Kayron maintained and controlled up until  a lapse in focus  enabled RLJ to pass and take the back of Kayron.  Kayron escapes the arm bar and we start back up where RLJ nails a gorgeous Tomonage.  Coming into mount RLJ quickly secures Kayron's arm and rolls him onto his side where he finishes an awesome kimura. 
  Another great fight with the second submission of the night,  with an amazing pace and rhythm.

Kron Gacie vs. Otavio Souza: 
Kron comes out and pulls closed guard immediately working his game perfectly, which turns into an intense grip fight.  Kron's guard work both open and closed as well as his re-guarding skills are off the hook!  After a strange re-start Souza pulls guard only to be reversed by Kron.  Kron gets the sweep comes into knee ride and nails an amazingly fast arm bar to finish Souze with just a few minutes left.

Dean Lister vs. Xande Ribiero:
The only no gi match of the event also turned out to be the first draw of the evening.  A bit more hesitancy in this fight on both fighters part, Lister pulls open guard but Xande easily deals with it.  this match becomes a kimura grip fight game via Xande that culminates into a great arm bar attempt that Lister barely escapes. 

Ryron Gracie vs. Andre Galvao:
A great guard game by Gracie frustrated Galvao to the point he had all sorts of things after the 20 minute fight was declared a draw.  Gracie's hip movement was excellent but he seemed a bit reluctant to attack.  That said Galvao was unable to finish even after attaining side control. 

Buchecha vs. Roger Gracie:
The most anticipated fight in years did not disappoint prophetically ending in a draw that saw some great guard work by Buchecha that really slowed down Roger's passing abilities.  Fighting until the last minute Buchecha even goes for an arm bar in the middle of a scramble and damn near nails it, but Roger squeaks through. 

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