October 8, 2012

"Putting the Pieces Together" Carlos Machado Book Release

Please take a moment to jump onto Amazon.com sometime in the 24 hours that make up Monday October 8th and order Professor Carlos Machado's first book, "Putting the Pieces Together."   If we get the extended Machado family the world throughout to order a copy within these 24 hours we will get Prof. Machado to the top of the best seller list!

This is a unique book in that it is full of quotes, parables, and insights into the much deeper lessons learned while we train on the mat.  An intellectual approach to Arte Suave which lends a philosophical lean on a most physical endeavor.

Required reading if you are a fan of what the Machado family brings to the table over the past three decades, order your copy today and make sure to get some stocking stuffers for those wrestlers in your life, as the holidays are literally right around the corner!

Click here to be linked to Amazon.com and order "Putting the Pieces Together."

Oh, and while you are at it make sure to register for the 5 Brothers Camp coming up in just a few weeks down in Dallas, TX. where you will not only be on the mat with Carlos, but also his brothers John, Roger, Rigan, and Jean Jacques!  Preregistration ends soon so sign up now to save $$!

For more information click here! 

Train Hard.  Train Smart.

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