November 1, 2012

Alan Watts on Death

Alan Watts is one of the west's greatest thinkers and philosophers ever to live, and his insight and lectures have given me guidance and enjoyment for years!  This amazing animation short overlapped with Watts' lecture on death and couldn't come at more poignant time in my life.  Fall is after all a time of death and rebirth, a time of transformation.  In my own life there is a lot of renewal manifesting itself in varied ghosts both past and present. 

On the mat I feel a transformation is happening as I type this.  The Machado camp has reinvigorated my passion for BJJ, and the love I have for my second family, those brothers and sisters that have green and yellow surging through their veins!  I have never, NEVER, felt the love, passion, and caring I have felt with fellow martial artists as when I step onto the mat with any of the Machado clan worldwide. 

I hope this video inspires you, moves you, if nothing else makes you think.  I have been "curious" shall we say about death and the process of death since childhood.  I have asked many of the same questions Watts' does, but I must admit I did not necessarily come up with the same answers.  If one could call any of his thoughts "answers."

Be inspired,

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