November 9, 2012

Congrats NWJJA Students

A small belt promotion but a great one last night at NWJJA!  My good friend and training partner Chris "Spider" Webb earned his purple belt last night!  Well deserved as Chris has really worked his ass off the past year at finding and developing his "game." And I speak from experience that his "game" sucks to be on the bottom of!!!  Proud of you and all you do bro, I look up to you for inspiration and motivation to be a better person.  Thank you.

Also big congrats to Jay on his purple, Audrey on her blue, and Iodine Mike for his blue as well!
Congrats to all who got striped!  Great family at NWJJA!  You guys have literally been my church, my therapist, my escape from the reality of a rather lousy year for me personally.  I can't thank you enough! 

Props to all who came out and showed support.  I would like to see more of my brethren make it a priority to make future promotions supporting and hanging out! 

Train Hard.  Play Hard!

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