November 13, 2012

RCJ Machado Pro Shop is Open for Business

All photo's courtesy of Terry Neal

With just around 42 days until the world ends, oops, I mean X Mas... the RCJ Machado pro shop is in full swing and open for your holiday perusal.  RCJ Pro Shop is your one stop site to get anything and everything Machado related from the latest t-shirt design, to patches for your gi, all the way to instructional DVDs!  Reasonably priced and quickly shipped to anywhere in the world the Machados are not just repping with style, but quality too!

Lets start with the basics... November is in full swing so make sure to pick up your 50-50 blend Gildan heavy blend hoodie that zips up the front with two pockets.  It is light but surprisingly warm and really helps keep the cold wind out too.  Silk screened Machado logo emblazons the back with RCJ Machado running vertical on the front.  Add in a stocking stuffer of a beanie or baseball cap, both priced in the $20 range.

The family is constantly releasing new designs and limited prints of their t-shirts.  I showcase two here but make sure to check RCJ Shop for the latest designs and stock.  Made from 100% preshrunk cotton, their t-shirt selection feature designs for men, women, and kids and I can attest that these things take a beating and stay sharp with the silkscreen in tact and no flaking or cracking.

Patches and everything from bumper stickers to cell phone cases can be found under "accessories" and my test batch of car stickers along with cell phone cover and cuff links prove that they are all made of quality material that simply does not show any wear nor tear!  The patches are tough and rugged and I have yet to have one rip.  They also carry a wide range of designs and sizes... yet another great stocking stuffer idea for your cauliflower eared loved ones!

The only complaint I have is with the green and black rash guards which are WAY big (I am wearing an XL and I could easily fit into a LG and still have room to grow).  Otherwise a very comfortable, durable, breathable rashie that is styling too.  RCJ seems to have addressed the issue with their latest black and white models which have a much better fit.  Just FYI if you order the green and black versions I would order one full size down.

They say BJJ is akin to chess in that it is a thinking mans endeavor.  Newly crowned coral belt Carlos Machado has released his first book (review coming soon here!)which is an essential reading tap on the shoulder for any such thinker practicing BJJ, or living this thing called life.  A book full of insight, quotes, and wisdom learned on the mat and applied in our daily routines.  A great steal at $20 that your hubby will love. 

Jumping up a price category or two you can find a bevy of DVDs covering everything from the Hook Flip game the Machado brothers are renown for, to 4 disk sets of the various 5 Brothers Camps from past years.  Any serious student of BJJ could sit down and study just one of these disks for a year and not run out of teachings to implement in their practice.  No joke, not only is the amount of info amazing, but the depth of explanation and teaching that goes on is nothing short of awe inspiring.  These DVDs could never replicate the experience of the camp, but damn me to the pits o' hades if it is not the next best thing.  Again... a great gift that is in the $30-60 dollar range depending on the DVD you choose.

For those affiliates, or other pro shops, wishing to set up a wholesale account it is uber simple just throw an email to Lindsay at and she will get right back to you with all the pertinent info she needs to set you up.

Students of the NWJJA need to get in to check out the selection Brian has in stock right now.  I can say I saw it last night and already most t-shirts and stickers have sold out.  A few t-shirt designs remain along with patches and a handful of DVDs.  Don't procrastinate as I am pretty sure we will NOT be getting another shipment in before the holidays. 

Quality products, killer service, and the peace of mind knowing that you are representing and supporting the family that eats, breathes, and has lived the  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle since 1925!

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Train Hard.  Train Smart.


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