November 10, 2012

Rumi for a Friend

Not to get all sappy, but I thought these poems were perfect for a friend who had no clue of the importance of the author.  From the master of love and poetry 13th century genius Rumi, a Persian poet as well as a  Sufi mystic.  Almost a 1000 years old his poems seem to be more relevant as time passes.  I find inspiration and solace in his words.
He can express how I feel better then I could ever, I hope you read and enjoy this, because it is how I feel about you.

Burning with longing-fire,
wanting to sleep with my head on your doorsill,
my living is composed only of this trying
to be in your presence.

Love comes sailing through and I scream.
Love sits beside me like a private supply of itself.
Love puts away the instruments and takes off the silk robes.
Our nakedness together changes me completely.

"They always say I feel too much.
Have they thought, perhaps, it is they who feel too little?
I overwhelm, I know.
But how can I see your lips without kissing them?" 
                                                  - Rumi

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