November 29, 2012

Weapons Defense in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Carlos Machado and the Dog Brothers

Here is a vintage clip of Prof. Carlos Machado working with the Dog Brothers on a DVD that converged stick combat with ground work, a crucial topic in any martial art as it is not just common, but probable that at least one individual engaged in weapon based self defense will end up on the ground.  And trust me you do not want to be on the receiving end of ANY weapon (stick, knife, boot, trash can...) when you have fallen, slipped, got taken down, or knocked off balance!

I have tried to get the long out of print video, but have yet to see the entire thing.  This topic is so important in my honest opinion, and so very many schools on both the BJJ side AND the Kali side disregard and ignore weapon based self defense....  Dare I say self defense in general!  I have personally witnessed BJJ schools that teach very sport based jitsu, disregarding strikes, standing throws, and weapon situations.  On the flip side the level of understanding of stand up grappling in the Filipino martial arts is deplorable!  Not only are many practitioners so out of shape they couldn't grapple with my 1 year old nephew without gassing, they do not even understand the importance of pummeling. 

Thankfully my instructors Brian Johnson, Tim Cartmell, and Meynard Ancheta all have a fundamental understanding of these two worlds and teach from a very self defense minded perspective.  Meynard, my Pekiti Tirsia Kali teacher, especially works hard on the grappling aspects of weapon based combat.  A brown belt in BJJ under Tim and a rank of Guro in PTK ensure that Meynard comes at any and all scenario's with a pragmatic approach, with a heavy emphasis on tieing your opponent up with one of three controls when standing; over hook / under hook / two on one.

If you do not feel grappling is an integral part of training FMA check out this short clip from the 2012 Dog Brothers Tribal Gathering.  Granted this is one step down from "reality" but none the less this is probably the most honest representation of what would happen in an actual weapon attack.  Count how many times opponents enter into the standing clinch.  Then count the number of fights that end up with one or both parties on the ground.

For those interested in working on a more self defense minded approach to their martial arts training I am happy to assist with private or group lessons where I offer Combatives Class Mon-Thurs at 6pm, Saturday at 10am.  As well as Kali class on Wed. 7:15 and Saturday at noon.  Tuition is based on attendance (1-2 classes a week=$85 a month / 3+ classes = $105).

Whether you train with me or not this is some serious food for thought.  Be honest with your goals and objectives training for if you are training for self defense but are not grappling, nor dealing with weapon based self defense... well then your goals need to be re-evaluated.

Train Hard.  Train Smart.


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