December 20, 2012

1914 Gi's For the New Year

Last minute stocking stuffer idea for that cauliflower eared loved one that is tough to shop for on your list?  Hands down the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono on the market comes with the moniker "1914!"
I chose 1914 as my sponsor because of the quality of their gi, but more so for the passion they share for the art of BJJ I do!  It doesn't hurt that their "Classic" gi is the sturdiest, most comfortable gi on the market and the apparel they produce is awesome!  Show some support for an American start-up company based out of Oklahoma.Much gratitude to Blake Kerr and 1914 for their support.   Look forward to fighting for them more in 2013!

Check out for their full line of apparel and gi's!   


Happy Holidays,

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