December 30, 2012

ATTN Three Harmonies & NWJJA Students: New Year Schedule of Classes

Wanted to send a quick note out reminding both my students and my fellow training partners that classes with both Brian and I are cancelled to celebrate the New Year on Monday and Tuesday. 

That said you guys know I get "twitchy" if I don't roll for a few days, so I am going to have an open mat on both Monday and Tuesday at 5pm.  Come in and get your roll on before you go out and get faded!  Then come in Tuesday and work it all off again!  5pm... free wristlocks for all (little known fact...the now extinct Wristalopapu people of Savu Island deep in the Pacific would consider a wristlock as good luck in the coming year! 

In all seriousness though there have been a number of people talking about getting serious about competition in 2013 as of late, and now is the time to hold your self accountable.  No more excuses of "I want to sleep in." "I have to spend time with my ________."  etc.  If you want it, make it happen.  Let Brian and/or myself know how we can help you reach your goals.  But on the base level you all should be making open mats when the dojo is closed over holidays! 

Take this note by the LSU athletic department:
Stay focused!

Here's to a better year for all of us in 2013! 
Be safe and have fun!

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