December 13, 2012

Christmas Time at NWJJA

Hey kids we are coming down to the wire and final days before Santa pays us a visit.  We have a NWJJA merchandise blowout to end the year just in time for you to add to your list.  The following prices are good until January 1, 2013!

Private Lessons with 2nd degree black belt Brian Johnson: $75/hour

Keep in mind any existing student that gets a friend to sign up will receive a free 1/2 private lesson!

NWJJA Backpacks: $40

Atama Kimonos (limited sizes available, these will be the last Atamas we carry): $125

RCJ Machado Shirts: $25

Large Back Patches - NWJJA: $12
                                   RCJ Machado: $20

Small Patches -          NWJJA & RCJ: $8ea

"B 12: Basic BJJ Curriculum Vol.I-III" DVD series by Brian Johnson: $40ea or $80 for all three volumes!!

"Secrets From the Masters" DVD: $40

"Force of the Spirit" Jean Jacques Machado documentary: $20

"Unstoppable: Secrets of the Hook Flip" DVD by Carlos Machado: $30

"Mastering Choke" DVD by John Will: $40

"Attacks and Escapes" book by John Will: $25

"BJJ Guard" book by John Will: $25

Stop in and talk to Brian or Jake and stock up on everything from stocking stuffer to pro gear for class!

Happy Holidays

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