December 19, 2012

David Meyer: First American Black Belt to Medal at the Mundials

Our friend David Meyer, BJJ member of the "Dirty Dozen" (first 12 non-Brazilian black belts) under the Machado brothers, celebrated author of "Training For Competition" (biased opinion... THE only book one needs for competition training), and philanthropist has recently digitized a number of competition films and videos of both him and the Machado brothers competing throughout the years!  All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!!  What a treat and opportunity for students of grappling to study and have access to one of the winingest competitors in American grappling history, as well as great footage of all the Machado brothers fighting.

 I plan on posting all videos in various posts in the coming weeks, but lets start with some awesome footage of David fighting some rather well known opponents!  From David:

"Most of these are BJJ competition videos of mine.  Through my years of competition, I always did my best to acquire the video of any match I lost or won but not in a way I felt proud of.  It was my desire to dissect what happened and how I could improve.  Consequently, I have some matches, most of which I lost, that I have placed on the web because they might be interesting for others to see and learn from.  I think my record in BJJ competition at the black belt level is something like 25W 9L, and most of those losses are now on the internet!  if that gives a skewed view of my record, then so be it." 

Here is some historic footage of David Meyer becoming the first American black belt to medal (took bronze) at the Mundial's (World championships) IN Brazil 1998.  You may recongnize his opponent... the one and only Mario Sperry:

Here is footage of David fighting legendary Fabio Santos (yes, red black belt Fabio Santos)!

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