December 31, 2012

Meeting One of My Idols: Gary Larson

No better way to end a shitty 2012 then to meet one of your idols since childhood!  Today at work I rang up a cat in line who used his credit card which stated Gary Larson.  Not a rare name by any stretch and so I jokingly said "THE Gary Larson."  And plain as day he said "Yes actually. That was a long time ago." Not for all of us my friend!  I was blown away.

Growing up and through my 20's Gary Larson's comic strip "The Far Side" was a pinnacle in my life.  His dry wit and keen eye for the obvious coupled with a biology background made the Far Side one of the most underrated satire pieces out there.  Sadly when the time felt right Gary retired the strip.

Apparently he lives in the Seattle area, grew up in Tacoma.  I was so surprised that I did not even think to ask him for a pic, but he totally made my year!  Super nice and humble.  He is now pursuing his passions in life!  Thank you Mr Larson for many a laugh when few have been abound!


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