December 6, 2012


Rumor has it that at midnight last night Washington state quite possibly became one of the most progressive states in the union as we usher into law two important states rights issues; gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana!  Now before you tune me out, hear this... though this blog gives me the opportunity to step onto a preacher box and drop endless diatribes about my opinions based in no fact, today I attempt to turn a new leaf (totally intended:)...

Thankfully  the Michigan teacher originally suspended for playing Macklemore's "Same Love" (his album "The Heist" is a must have BTW) on homosexual acceptance has been reinstated with pay, but I would love you to look me in the eye and explain how this is quite possibly not the most powerful video on the subject you have ever seen:

Her voice makes me melt!  Amazing! 

I ask you to take a step back from your personal feelings of potheads, the lesbian driving the Subaru, the gay guy at the gym who dances more then he works out...regardless of whether or not you "get" why they are the way they are, lets remember back to one of the first lessons we learned in kindergarten...if I am not hurting you, let me be me. 

What you do in the privacy of your own home is none of my business and under no circumstances should it be the business of our government!  Washington (along with Colorado) will be spearheading a much greater issue then the legalization of pot, and that is the power the state has over the federal government.  Freedom to do as I wish as long I do not hurt others is paramount to our society progressing. 

Either way Washington, enjoy the freedom to do what you have been doing all these years, now without the fear and bullshit associated with being... you.

One love, and quit bogarting the spliff!

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