January 10, 2013

Coach Asa Fuller on "This Week in BJJ"

Budo Jake runs a weekly web cast called "This Week In BJJ" and the first show of the season features our good friend and coach Asa Fuller in an hour long sit down interview followed by a few self defense techniques.  Asa is a first degree black belt under Cleber Luciano, and the head coach at Ace Jiu Jitsu in Fountain Valley, CA.  alongside Chris Thue, Tim Cartmell, oh and this one guy teaches several days a week.... Buchecha, I think is the name.  Pretty much considered THE best in the world BJJ wise (and Ace has one of the coolest logo's out there)! 

Many do not realize just how experienced Asa is both in regards to training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but also competition (made it to the ADCC a few years back in Spain!).  The amount of experience and level of skill at Ace Jiu Jitsu certainly qualifies it for one of southern California's best kept secrets considering the student to black belt ratio on any given evening is 5-1, 7-1 on a busy night!

Check out the interview and techniques segment below:

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